Summer in the Sun (2019)

Mary williams summer in the sun 1920 0001

The final image, rendered in Poser with post in Photoshop.

Mary williams sbrm2019 wip 0001

Individual views of the items modeled specifically for this image.

Mary williams sbrm2019 wip 0002

The image layers and process.

This was my entry into the 2019 Songbird Remix Open Rendering Season contest.

The bushes were originally packaged with Poser. The birds are all created by Ken Gilliland (he does such amazing work on an impressive collection of bird models!!!). The bird feeder, seed bell, and individual papers (including those in the book) were ones I modeled for previous projects and can be found elsewhere in my ArtStation. All other pieces I modeled specifically for this image. The final render was in Poser, with post in Photoshop.

July 27, 2019