3D Models: Books
Mary williams manybooks 0001

This is an example of the many books in use. A layer of SubD would smooth out everything nicely, but I wanted to show the bare model in these renders.

Mary williams manybooks wireframes 0001

The same image, but in wireframe view. All of the books utilize the same UVs.

A Sketchfab preview of each of the books, all in one file.

I found myself needing books for another project so, rather than being stuck modeling books over and over, I thought to make myself a large selection to pull from that are easy to texture for many, many projects. For a variety of reasons, it is often my goal to make something simple, versatile, and easy to use.

There are five variations of each of six sizes of books. Each different size of book has its own separate textures baked, to maintain continuity of texture scale despite the books being different sizes. All of the books utilize the same UVs.