Bone Wine
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This was the main hero image to showcase all of the different glasses in one shot.

Mary williams bonewine lightbox 01

This is a 360 degree turnaround of the champagne flute, rendered in SuperFly/Cycles.

Mary williams bonewine lightbox 02

This is a 360 turnaround of the brandy snifter, rendered in SuperFly/Cycles.

Mary williams bonewine lightbox 03

This is a 360 degree turnaround of the tulip-style wine glass, rendered in Blender/Cycles.

Mary williams bonewine lightbox 04

This showcases the shotglasses, coasters, and materials associated with Superfly/Cycles in Poser.

Mary williams bonewine lightbox 05

This render is a bit duller, I wasn't as happy with it, but it does showcase similar materials as they appear rendered in DAZ Studio.

Bone Wine

This was a set of props made for the Halloween season, meant to give a bit of a fun twist on the traditional "hand holding a goblet" glasses. I wanted to do something fun, so I made "pineapple" style glasses with little pyramid facets, then modeled and posed a blown-glass skeleton hand based on my own hands holding objects of similar size and shape. All modeling was done in Modo.

The full set includes a wine glass, brandy snifter, champagne flute, shotglass, and two different styles of coasters. Materials were included for rendering in Firefly and SuperFly for Poser, and Iray for DAZ Studio. Unless otherwise noted, all renders were done in Poser with the SuperFly render engine, which is a derivative of the Cycles render engine for Blender.

More artwork
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