Spring Mornings: Baskets

Mary williams nightsong springmorning main01

This was the main image for the front of the product page, showing as many of the baskets as I could fit into the small space!

Mary williams nightsong springmorning ovl01

This shows the oval, boat-like baskets with each of their colors and options.

Mary williams nightsong springmorning rnd01

This shows the round, patterned baskets with their many different styles.

Mary williams nightsong springmorning squ01

Here are the square baskets, shown from all angles. Their base frame is wire!

Mary williams nightsong springmorning lpy01

This set contained two sets of loopy baskets, the sort you might see holding anything from apples to chips, and each of their color options. These were particularly challenging to make, especially to try and keep them as low-resolution as possible!

Mary williams nightsong springmorning daz01

Here is the render that I made to show off each of the materials in DAZ Studio. This was one of my earliest attempts at making materials look nice across all three render engines, Iray for DAZ Studio, and SuperFly (Cycles) and Firefly in Poser.

The second set of baskets that I made last year, for the Easter season of 2018, was one that I kept and put up in the Renderosity store. Like the other set of baskets, these are made from actual strips of woven polygons so they hold up well in closeups, and are made with decorations of folded Kanzashi ribbon flowers.
I realize that the ribbons are so very much more stylized than the actual, real thing, but with this set I really had my heart on making some special flowers to go with these baskets. Each one can be used with or without the dynamic cloth that was draped in each one, and includes a set of plain eggs tailored to the volume and shape of each basket. I used Modo's dynamics both for the cloth and for filling each basket with eggs.
The final product may be found here: https://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/spring-morning-baskets/125967/

April 16, 2019