Crafting: Ribbon Eggs

Mary williams craftribbonegg main 01

This is the main promo image, which shows how the materials appear when rendered with SuperFly (Cycles) in Poser.

Mary williams craftribbonegg lb 02

Here are the single presets and many partial color options for this set.

Mary williams craftribbonegg lb 04

This image shows the folded ribbon from many angles.

Mary williams craftribbonegg lb 01

Here are the main differences in material presets for each render engine. I am still working on understanding the lighting schemes to get them closer to one another!

Mary williams craftribbonegg lb 03

This shows the variety of materials as rendered in the Iray render engine in DAZ Studio.

Each year, there are so very many Easter-themed craft projects that I wish to work on, but I only seem to find the time for so few! This year I was able to create the very ribbon eggs that my mother, sister, and I made when we were small. Included in this particular set is a single ribbon egg, two work in progress versions, the materials used to create the eggs, and a wealth of partial materials so that anyone could customize them to their heart's content. The final materials were optimized for the Iray render engine in DAZ Studio, and both the Firefly and SuperFly render engines in Poser. (The SuperFly engine is based on Cycles from Blender.)

One of the greater challenges I faced was making them actually from folded strips polygons, origami-style, so that if anyone wanted to make the ribbon semi-transparent or increase the scattering, it would hold up in any render.

The final product may be found here:

April 16, 2019