3D Rain Chain and Chimes: Patreon 3D Model Archive

Mary williams patreonmw 2019 09 chimes tex 02

The final textures!

Mary williams patreonmw 2019 09 chimes tex test 01

This image shows a set of preliminary textures for the rain chain and chimes. They need more work (or rework), but show the basic color scheme.

This Sketchfab preview allows you to explore the base mesh while the textures are being completed.

This month's Patreon 3D Model Archive release is planned to be a bit on the quirky side. Originally I had planned on making wind chimes this month, because I love them and would love to share them with others, but I found that several sets of wind chimes were already available at the markets I frequent. I could not, however, easily find rain chains or chain chimes, so here they are!

Patrons for the month of September 2019 will receive one each, a rain chime and bellflower rain chain, both fully textured. These images will be updated throughout the remainder of the month as the models and textures are refined and completed.

September 19, 2019