3D Hanging Planters

Mary williams 2019 07 01 baskets main 0001

This is a plain render showing the different textures and baked Substances in Modo.

Here is a view of the same models in Sketchfab.

This month's Patreon 3D Model Archive brings us some hanging garden planters, already prefilled with soul and lined with soft coconut fibers to allow good drainage!

Instead of purchasing fresh soil each year, I've got a couple of big bins of potting soil out back that I sift, aerate, and add fresh fertilizer to when I re-pot my potted plants and raised beds. Take the old, put it in one bin, sift it and add to the other bin for the next set of pots! I took photos of this soil in different lighting and angles and created a Substance out of it to bake these textures. Then, I turned some of my unused coconut liners inside out and did the same for them, to produce the outside of each pot. The chains were based on the basic design from my own planters, and include both straight S-hooks and twisted S-hooks for variety. Baked maps include color (albedo), height (bump), normal (directX and OpenGL), and ambient occlusion.


July 27, 2019