Mary williams masque01 1 1 01

This was the main image showcasing all three render engines. The green mask was rendered in Poser's Firefly render engine. The Golden mask was rendered with Iray in DAZ Studio. And, the blue mask was rendered with Superfly inside of Poser.

Mary williams masque01 lb 01

The first two sets of textures, including a 180 turnaround to show it from all views.

Mary williams masque01 lb 02

The third and fourth sets of textures.

Mary williams masque01 lb 03

The fifth and six sets of textures.

Mary williams masque01 lb 04

The seventh and eighth sets of textures.

Mary williams masque01 lb 05

The ninth and tenth sets of textures.

Mary williams masque01 lb 06

The eleventh and final set of textures, as well as examples of the different partial material settings that are included. (DAZ Studio thumbnails are shown.)

This is just an update to an old product, a feathered mask that I made and released at the site, RuntimeDNA, some years ago. Since that site has gone out of business, I've updated the mask for use in three render engines (Iray, Firefly, and Cycles/SuperFly) so that it can be used more easily in modern software. The technical renders shown below the main image show the main differences between the various render engines, but of course this will also vary according to the lighting and settings used in the scene.

The original Masque was modeled in Modo and the textures were created in Photoshop with the aid of Flourishes photoshop brushes by the merchant, Deviney, and used with his permission in this product. The feathers were based on photographs of my own feathers (that I, remarkably, still have!). If any other material settings for additional render engines are desired, please send me a message and I'll see what I can do. :) Thanks!

January 4, 2019