3D Bird Feeders

This is a single, close-up view of the bird feeder.

Mary williams 2019 06 21 teacups main 0001

The original introductory story, as presented on Patreon.

This is a view of all of the different derivatives of the teacup bird feeder included this month.

Mary williams birds patreon teacup notes 2400 0001

These are some additional notes on the variations offered. I wanted to give folks a clearly defined way to make their own textures, if they so desired.

The entry for June 2019 to my Patreon 3D Model Archive is a set of teacup-style bird feeders. This includes versions with and without seed, and with and without the chain to hang them from. They can be used as regular old tea cups, too!

Also included is a set of shattered bird feeders. Because, I am quite un-graceful sometimes and I know that accidents happen, and this gives us a way to put a little more realism in our 3D renders. Enjoy!


June 30, 2019