Dyeing for Carrots!

Mary williams carrotdye main 0001

This was just a quick and small promo that I made for the header graphic. It is not meant to be very ornate, just to show off what the kit contains.

Mary williams carrotdye lb 01c

This shows the color and texture options for the decorated eggs themselves, as rendered in the SuperFly/Cycles render engine in Poser.

Mary williams carrotdye lb 02b

I have a serious weakness for nicely rendered glass. I had very much wanted to leave this rendering longer so as to refine out some of the noise, but it had already been rendering for more than a day. I hope that I can get better at rendering in Cycles!

Mary williams carrotdye lb 03

I just made this small promo in order to show off what all was included in the kit.

Mary williams carrotdye lb 04

This showcases how all of the many materials and models look inside of DAZ Studio.

Ok, I will admit, I wanted to make something more than a simple dye set. So why not make some cute little vegetables out of it, too? A little construction paper, a little tape, some cups and dippers for the dye... and, of course, the eggs! With this little set, you can make carrots, radishes, and turnips from boiled eggs!!

This was a fast project for me, but I really appreciated working on it because I'm always trying to improve my refractive materials across all three render engines. This project was optimized for Iray in DAZ Studio, and Firefly and SuperFly (Cycles) in Poser. The final product may be found here: https://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/dyeing-for-carrots-/136823/

April 16, 2019