Poser Art Shader Series (P.A.S.S Ultimate Bundle)

This is the same product that was previously sold at RuntimeDNA, before RDNA closed its doors.
**It is strongly encouraged that you are familiar with the Poser Advanced Material Room before using these shaders.**

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The Toon Shaders:
These three-toned toon shaders come pre-packaged with bright highlights, deep shadows, and a double-rim outline to make them visible in -any- environment and -any- scene! Combine them with image maps for an even wider variety of styles! These shaders work best with direct lighting but, because these shaders are rendered with the Firefly render engine you can still use any sort of lighting you want to add to your scene! The sky is the limit!

The Sketch Shaders:
Based on the real-world art materials of charcoal, conte crayons, and pencils, these shaders were designed to give a rough look to your textures, replacing the normally smooth, plastic-like surface of 3D models with the grainy, subtle tones of true artistic media. Nothing replaces the true beauty of a hand-drawn portrait or scene -- but these will come close as they give your 3D renders the look of an art kit full of kneaded erasers, smudge sticks, and traditional drawing media that artists have loved since time immemorial!!

The Watercolor Shaders:
Crafted to resemble the beautiful washes of color that can be found in watercolor paintings, these shaders for Poser were crafted to put the power of traditional media in the hands of 3D artists. Whether flowers, rocks, or even people, this starter kit gives -you- a first glimpse into the world of possibilities that are available to all users of Poser. Breathe in the fresh breeze of newly found creativity and finally build those illustrations you've dreamed of!

The Halftone Shaders:
Wish that you could try out that comic book look without having to invest in fancy software? Aspire to create a graphic novel, but don't yet know if you'll have the time to commit to it? Test out those writing skills with these halftone shaders, and get a head start on your next literary adventure! These halftone shaders are simple and straightforward, giving you a variety of white and black shades with pale washes of grey and tiny little dots that vary in size depending on their proximity to light. Since they render with Firefly, you can use any lighting that you want!

Note: You may notice seams on the halftone shaders.  This is a limitation of the shader.

The Paper Shaders:
All P.A.S.S. (Poser Art Shader Series) papers are "Shadow Catcher" papers that are highly reactive to light. They have very little texture of their own, but the shadows cast onto them show the same artistic effects as the media they're made for! No more plain 3D shadows in your scenes!

Full Product Listing:
 - Toon3Tone Starter Kit
 - Toon3Tone Noir
 - Sketching Starter Kit
 - Halftone Starter Kit

 - Watercolor Starter Kit
 - Watercolor Flowers
 - Watercolor Small Foliage
 - Watercolor Large Foliage
 - Watercolor Glass
 - Watercolor Sheer Fabric
 - Watercolor Fabric
 - Watercolor Flesh Tones
 - Watercolor Depth Cue
 - Watercolor Feathers
 - Watercolor Hair
 - Watercolor Metal and Stone

 - Sketching Papers
 - Watercolor Papers
 - Watercolor Pages for Large Scenes

 - PDF User Guide for all PASS Products

This product is not compatible with DAZ Studio, or earlier versions of Poser. It utilizes the Compound Node which was made available in version 10, onwards. You do not need the Pro version of Poser to use these shaders.

#NoAI These promotional images may not be used in AI image generators.

Extended Use License
License: Extended Commercial License
Stock Assets

For use on an unlimited number of commercial projects with no limits on sales or views.

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