Crafting: Ribbon Eggs


One of the most amazing parts of any holiday season is sitting down and creating beautiful things. Pair this crafting set with a hot cup of coffee or tea, some good music, and get ready to create some holiday magic!

This set includes props for DAZ Studio and Poser:
  - One (1) Completed Ribbon Egg
  - Two (2) Work-In-Progress Ribbon Eggs
  - Two (2) Spools of Ribbon, one with wide ribbon and one with narrow ribbon.
  - Two (2) Stacks or Ribbon Spools, one with just wide ribbons and one with narrow ribbons.
  - One (1) Pile of Scattered Straight Pins
  - Four (4) Piles of Cut Ribbon, individual, folded, or stacked.
  - One (1) Pre-Scattered Pile of Cut Ribbons and Straight Pins.

This set includes these material presets for DAZ Studio and Poser. DAZ Studio materials are optimized for Iray, and Poser materials are dual-optimized for Firefly and SuperFly.
  - Seven (7) Complete Materials for the Ribbon Eggs
  - Seven (7) Complete Materials for the Pre-Scattered Pile of Cut Ribbons and Straight Pins.
  - One (1) Partial Shader for the Straight Pins.
  - Six (6) Partial Shaders to change the color of the cardboard on the ribbon spools.

BONUS: The solid colors used to make the ribbon eggs are also available as individual shaders, so you can create your own ribbon egg combinations. Only the solid colors, not the gradients or patterns, and many of the colors are VERY similar to one another, having only subtle differences that can be seen in direct light. This is because EVERY solid color was included, with the addition of warm and cool whites and a medium grey for variety.

These colors are provided as partial shaders for all previously mentioned render engines.
  - Thirty-Seven (37) Partial Shaders to change the color of the cut ribbons.
  - Thirty-Seven (37) Partial Materials to change the color of the bows.
  - Thirty-Seven (37) Partial Shaders to change the color of individual column of ribbon on the ribbon eggs.
  - Thirty-Seven (37) Partial Shaders to change the color of the ribbon on each spool.

Please note that all of the ribbon material presets are partially metallic and subject to change in appearance depending upon the lighting used in the scene. Where possible, I recommend adding a "specular" or direct light to add a little bit of extra shine and bring out the subtleties in the textures and shaders.

Also included in this release is a separate ZIP file with the OBJ models and JPG texture files, for easier import into other applications.
  - Thirteen (13) OBJ files.
  - Two hundred fifteen (215) JPG texture files.

Extended Use License
License: Extended Commercial License
Stock Assets

For use on an unlimited number of commercial projects with no limits on sales or views.

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